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  • Size: 3.4 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.1 Or Higher
  • Category: Download Manager
  • Updated: January 5, 2018

Description about 9apps

9apps is a standalone Android application to provide the vast amount of apps and games at zero cost. It is also the #1 alternative to google play store because of the huge database of android application and games. 9apps offers a variety of other mobile personalization items like themes, wallpapers, and ringtones. There are many alternatives available for play store on the internet, but most of them are lacking in features that 9apps intends to provide. The huge list of features being the one of the prominent reason for its success among masses. All the files provided at 9apps are free to download, and no hidden charges are applicable. No login or signup required to use this popular app store. Just install 9apps and you’re ready to go.

Download 9apps app

9apps is a third party app-store programmed mainly for smartphones, or we can say Android Phones. This app can be of great assistance, and one can download various apps and games without even creating an account. 9apps launched four years back in December 2013. It has different kinds of users from across 100 countries like India, Australia, USA and many others.This app is an integration of various games and application designed for smartphones as it is similar to Google play store. An individual can download different kinds of apps like boosting apps to promote your phone's processor to an advanced level and all that comes completely free of cost.

Latest features of 9apps.

The 9apps comes with lots of features included which are not available on any other third-party app store. We had tried to list a few of them below:

Virus and Malware Protection: 9apps assures total virus protection for all the files hosted as it stands with a zero-tolerance policy against virus and malware. Nowadays internet is flooding with the app stores and hence the chances of a virus circulation also rise up. So to stay safe, we recommend you to use 9apps only for apps and games download.

HD content: 9apps believes in providing quality as well as quantitative content as wallpapers, stickers and videos are never compromised in terms of resolution. The videos hosted on 9apps comes in three resolution like high, medium and low, and It's totally on you that you pick any of the resolutions. You can download wallpapers for your desired screen size, no matter you are downloading it for smaller mobile or PC.

Smaller Size: 9apps is comparatively small in size and hence requires only about 2MB of phone storage. You will never need a mobile store other than this as 9apps provide you with everything your Android device will ever need like apps, games, videos, wallpapers, and ringtones. 9apps opens you to the vast gateway of Android mobiles at comparatively little space.

Easy to use interface: It comes with an easy to use interface. A person with zero knowledge of apps can also use it. The systematic arrangement of content makes it comparatively easier to use than others. The color of the app is also eye friendly which doesn't cause a strain on eyes. 9apps team had put their primary focus on new mobile users that may have very knowledge of apps, So to provide them with good user experience, we had tried to keep the user interface as simple as possible. You can use the search box on the top of the site for exactly what you are looking for, making it easier for you to locate your desired app and download it instantly.

Faster & multiple downloads: The files downloaded through this app are downloaded faster because the app uses the advanced technology to enhance the speed of your mobile internet connection. You can also download multiple files together, So you don't have to wait for a download to complete before proceeding to another app. This feature adds up one more plus point for 9apps as you may like to download or update all the apps at a particular time or a specified date, So you don't have to wait for the previous download to complete before proceeding to the new one.

Free content: The content provided on the 9apps are free to download. This app provides all downloads free of cost, and No hidden cost is applicable. Some apps have paid versions of other app stores, but you can freely download them anytime on 9apps as it mainly earns from advertisements served. Another good thing about 9apps is that you can always check out for older versions of an app, allowing you to pick any previous version that is suitable for your Android device. For example, some users may like WhatsApp older version over the new one, but it's rare to find as most app stores host the latest version only but with 9apps you can download any of the previous version of WhatsApp without any issue.

Multi-language support: The app is Available in 14 languages including English. Making it more convenient for people who don't understand English. 9apps focuses users not only from a single country, but they had tried to cover up almost all countries available, so they are providing multi-language support. Like for example if a user is from India and is not familiar with the English language then he can always choose the Hindi language and can easily navigate 9apps in Hindi.


Benefits of downloading apps via 9apps.

9apps is the source by which a user can download unlimited content like videos, movies, ringtones, wallpapers, games, apps, etc. to your device. It is having a broad range of applications that can be installed and that too for free without any cost.

The app provides a search option on the top of the pages which can be used to search the desired app or game by the user and to get most relevant search results, and users can also use filters which can be used according to user's preference.

There are millions of apps available on the Google play store but as the saying goes, the larger the quantity is, the lesser the quality will same goes with the play store also. Large numbers do not mean that the content provided there will be best rather it confuses the user and which is hectic. But on the other hand, 9apps contains material which is best for the user and organize it in an easy way, so the user doesn't get confused.

9apps Download

How to install 9apps?

9Apps can be installed in various ways, but today we will discuss the easiest way to download it and get it installed on your Android device. Follow the steps listed below for a clean installation.

  1. Download 9apps APK file by clicking on any download link on this site.
  2. After Download open 9apps.apk, It will ask you to allow installation from unknown sources if you had allowed it yet
  3. To enable installation from unknown sources just go to Settings then find Security, Now Just tick the option For Unknown Sources. Ignore this Step if its already ticked.
  4. After you had enabled application install from unknown sources, Just tap on the Apk file you had downloaded earlier and follow the installation steps.
  5. Congrats You had successfully installed 9apps on your Device.

Frequently asked questions about 9apps.

1. Is 9apps Free To Use?

Yes, 9apps is completely free of cost, You don't have to pay a single cent to download apps or games. No hidden charges Apply.

2. Is It Safe To Use 9apps?

Yes, 9apps is completely safe to use as 9apps duly scans all applications, games, and videos for Virus and Malware before uploading them to the app. 9apps provides full virus and malware protection.

3. Is It Working On IOS Also?

No, Currently 9apps is not available for IOS, but 9apps is working On it. Soon it will be offered for that also.

4. Is It Available For All Android Device?

Yes, 9apps support all android device unless it's running below 4.0 Version.

Why choose 9apps over Google Play store?

Google Play 9apps
Most applications are paid All apps hosted on 9apps are free of cost
Requires a lot of space on device Hardly requires 5MB free space to Install
Complex user interface Very easy to use
Country restrictions for some apps No country restrictions as all apps are available worldwide
You can download only current version Older versions of all apps are available to download at 9apps

Downloading apps via 9apps

For the users who are struggling to download android apps via 9apps, we had tried to list the entire process in few simple steps. Just Follow the below-listed steps and get your desired app via 9apps.

  1. - Open the 9apps application on your Android device and wait for the app to load completely.
  2. - Once the app loads completely, You will see a list of applications sorted by New Release, Suggested, Top downloading etc.
  3. - From start page, you can pick any app that you are willing to install and it will take you to that specific app page.
  4. - Once you are on the app page, you can easily locate the red download button on bottom right.
  5. - Tap on the download button and it will instantly start the downloading apk of that specific app. Once the apk downloading completed, you can install and enjoy using your chosen app.

What's new in 9apps

- Small change in User Interface.

- Bugs Fixed.

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