Flipkart app

Flipkart App

Download Flipkart app for Android device from below link-

  • Version: 5.9
  • Size: 10.5 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.1 Or Higher
  • Category: Shopping
  • Updated: March 26, 2017

What is Flipkart?

Flipkart is a giant marketplace for Indian customers. To simplify, it is a retail store, and instead of driving to the store and taking a long, tiring walk and lifting your things back home, especially after the long queue for billing, this store is on the web, you can access the store, its contents and select everything that you need by sitting on your couch and it shall be delivered to you at your doorstep without going through any trouble. The complete interface is made available on the website as well as in your hands through your smartphone application.


Flipkart is not the only e-commerce portal today in India, but there are the most astounding facts and figures of the company that showcases as of the fastest growing e-commerce. With a revenue of Rs.15, 129Cr (US $2.2bil) the company stands strong with over thirty thousand employees ready to serve the millions in the country without any hiccups. It also has its in-house products covering of several categories including smartphones, tablets, routers and home appliances. It raises billions of funds every year, making it expand even further. Adding to the experience that the other portals do not offer are available exclusively on the Flipkart app for further easiness in shopping.

Features of Flipkart app?

On digger deeper into the Flipkart app, there are a lot of dimensions on which the app can be talked about which provides the best experience of mobile shopping, growing exponentially. The various dimensions are as follows:

Design: The interface of Flipkart app is so smooth, making it lag-free and comfortable to roam around. The right color combination of blue and white provides comfort to the eye, even after spending a long time in their on-hand store. The top categories are right on the homepage. To further make it easier, the subcategories are not written completely in the text, avoiding the pain of reading, but instead assigning a clipart to the subcategory enhancing the users' understanding of further contents of the product listing. The catchy sales and offers easily grab the eye, making it wisely attractive to go through.

Product listing: The homepage itself contains the deals of the day, the items that you would prefer buying at the moment, then on further scrolling it mentions the accessories of your previously bought items and then at the end, the similarly related products. There are many mentions of deals of other categories that might interest the user, placed at regular intervals of the scroll. When a user goes to the list of an item, either via mentioned categories or typing manually in the search bar, the listing can be viewed in two different styles, one the normal listing which contains smaller clipart of the item and another with the larger view of the icons item. Both the views contain equal information of the item, i.e. Item Name, current cost, actual cost (with a strikethrough), the percentage of discount, average rating, number of people who have rated and a tag of it is under an offer. The items which are under the Flipkart Assured category are also mentioned in a beautiful yellow-blue colored text by the stamp ‘fAssured’. Both the views lists 4 items per screen.

Search Engine: The search bar, existing always on the top, when tapped shows the top trending searches made on their app. This helps to easily access the top trending items that the store is being asked. It also shows the previous history of searches made by the user for faster use. There is also a clear history option to opt. The fascinating option is the scanner of barcode, when invoked, it opens the inbuilt camera and scans the barcode of the product that you place in the front and shows the complete detailed listing of it. This search is as optimized as the auto completion of the search bar.

Easy Shopping: The benefit to set any item as a favorite, fall under the Wishlist option on the left swipe. This list contains the top categories of the stores, offer zone department, your rewards, cart, orders and account details all in one segment are placed properly. At the bottom, the option to choose gift cards, stores (brands), chats, help center and policies tab are placed in order. All of these options can be accessed via swiping from the left of your screen on tapping on the three horizontal lines to the left of the search bar. Moreover, this swipe option is active throughout the application similar to that of the search bar on the center and Wishlist and Cart on the right.

Communication While Shopping: There is a chat box option under the left-swipe listing. This is featured to chat with your friends on Flipkart if you need any opinion on at item of that you are to buy or any other chatting that you would like to do. This raises a lot of benefits for a regular mobile shopper. Moreover, the comments and rating section have perfect filters needed, the same applies to the product listing, proper filters and sorting options which works smoothly and displays items with a charming fading effect. The reach to the customer care and helpline is very swift under the left scroll listings.

Success of Flipkart

Flipkart is the best-known startup story of India. It recolonizes the minds of people to do something larger than life and set a footprint on the soil. What started with an initial investment of mere Rs.400,000 have reached to raise $15bil, just under a decade. This is what bats the eye of every entrepreneur and investors in the market. With brilliantly high returns every year and wide increasing in the rising of investors, what started from selling books online to multi-mega online store and that too under a decade, is something that literally gains a person’s attention on knowing more and being a part of the family.
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