fotorus photo editor

Fotorus - Photo editor app for Android

Edit yours photos with Fotorus to give your photos perfect look. Download Fotorus from below link-

  • Version: 6.7.8
  • Size: 41.69 MB
  • Requires: Android 4.0 Or Higher
  • Category: Photography
  • Updated: March 13, 2017

What is Fotorus ?

Fotorus is an mobile application to edit your photos with some awesome editing tools. Fotorus Comes with a lot of handy tools to edit your favorite photos , Like you can add frames to your pics , may add stickers but the most fantastic tool is to add filters to your photo. Fotorus is having some of best jaw dropping filters that you can add to your photos to make them look more awesome. Fotorus is you can say one in all photo editing tool that you will ever need to edit you pics in your android phone .


With Fotorus you can apply various image formats like portrait , landscape or strips. foturus is a powerful photo editing tool to make your photos look more impressive. You may adjust lightning , sharpness and contrast of any desired photo . fotorus also comes with in buit camera that specialize in taking selfies as it is previously loaded with a lot of features like blemish , collages and posters . Its quite easier to use the fotorus app because of its simple user interface . You can post your edited photos to Instagram or Facebook , Fotorus is definitely a massive beast to make your profile picture look gorgeous.

Features of Fotorus :

Here are some awesome features of Fotorus to give awesome look to your photos.

  1. Pro edit :This is the most fantastic feature of fotorus as this allows you to edit your photos with its pro editing tools . With this fotorus tools you can add filters to your photos or you may adjust the lighting or may add stickers to your photos to make them look more attractive. You can edit your images like professional image editing Studio.
  2. Add Collage : Add Various Style layouts like potrait , landscape and strips matching your needs . Fotorus allows you to add various collage to your photo to make them look more fashionable and classic.
  3. Stickers : Well you might be familiar with this term Stickers , Fotorus allows you to add cute and funny stickers to your photo making it look more funny . Stickers are small emo icons you can say, that can be added to make your photo look more funny . Fororus is the only a photo editing app to provide you with motion stickers.
  4. Beauty Cam : Fotorus come with this amazing feature , that is having a inbuilt app camera that is perfect to take selfies. you can add amazing make up effects to your clicked selfies . You can remove blemish effects from the pic with with fotorus or can even whiten skin tone of your pictures.
  5. Secret Album : Fotorus comes with one more unique feature that is Secret album , which allows you to add your private photos to this album. Only you can access these photos , your all photos will be secure in this album.
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