My Talking Tom

My Talking Tom - Download Most Popular Android Game From Tom Cat Series

Customize Your Cat according To Your Choice by Editing Fur Color, Eye Color and appearance of Cat. Download My Talking Tom Android Game

  • Version: 3.4.1
  • Size:72.07 MB
  • Requires:Android 4.1 or Higher
  • Category: Casual
  • Updated: April 18, 2017

What is My Talking Tom?

My Talking Tom is an interesting game in the Talking Tom series. The game is developed by Outfit7. Players will adopt a little kitten and it will grow by feeding it on regular basis. You should want to play with the kitten and nurture the kitten so that it will become a cat successfully. It is possible to talk to the kitten so that the kitten will imitate your voice. You can play mini-games as well.

my talking tom game

In My Talking Tom you can customize the cat as per your requirements and by raising the tom, new rewards will be awarded on a successful basis. There are good screen shots so that you can play the game very efficiently. The game is intended to make a personal bond with the Talking Tom and you can achieve it in a very efficient way

Features of My Talking Tom :

You can witness different kind of emotions as you go through the game, My Talking Tom. The emotions which can be displayed by the talking tom include hungry, happy, bored, and sleepy. These moods are reflected based the interaction of the player with the kitten.

The cat can be customized as per your requirements. It is possible to change the fur color, eye color, and the appearance of the cat. The apparel can be changed so that there will be complete change in the appearance.

When you dress the cat, you will go through wide range of options. The player will be able to decorate the entire house as per his whims and fancies. The game will be updated at regular intervals so that you will come across new features. There will not be any boring moments when you can explore new features successfully.

Why should you Play My Talking Tom?

There are good reasons to play with My Talking Tom. The app can be downloaded and installed very easily. The Tom will mimic your words and there will be great entertainment. There are options to make in-app purchases so that you will make quick progress in the game.

There are 9 different stages and there are 999 levels which should be unlocked so that you can play through challenging levels as well. You can connect with friends on social networking sites.

Benefits of playing My Talking Tom?

My Talking Tom is a fine app where users will get attachment with the character. It is the number one game app which is played in 135 countries. You can adapt a kitten and nurture it so that it will become a completely grown cat.

You can play various kinds of games by dressing the tom and decorating the home. You will also take part in the daily life of the tom as you will want to feed him as well. Kids as well as adults will enjoy the game in a very efficient manner.

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