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SHAREit - the best file transfer & sharing app for Android

Transfer or share large file faster using SHAREit app. Download SHAREit from below link-

  • Version: 3.7.8
  • Size: 3.75 MB
  • Requires: Android 2.2 Or Higher
  • Category: Tools
  • Updated: March 12, 2017

What is SHAREit?

Among the file sharing apps, SHAREit is on the top of the list as it has facility of easy & fast files transfer between two devices by using Wi-Fi and without any network connection. The app can be used very easily. You can transfer files from an Android phone to ios device or Windows PC without any issues. The app should be installed on the mobile phone so that you can use its features to send and receive files from other mobile phones. You can transfer files to iPhone and Windows phone as well from the Android phone.


SHAREit is the app developed by Lenovo. There are many other apps developed by the company. They include REACH it, WRITEit, CLONEit, SYNCit, SEEit, SNAPit and SECUREit. However, SHAREit has become very popular. SHAREit can be used without installing any drivers. The data transfer can be accomplished without physical connection. Other devices in the vicinity can be found very easily. There will be added security and privacy while using the app.

How does SHAREit works?

To share the files to other device by using the SHAREit app, both devices should have the Wi-Fi facility. No data connection is required to use this features. To use the facility, the app should be installed in both devices. You can install SHAREit app for PC so that you can use the app in Windows based computers.

How to send files using SHAREit?

  1. • After opening the SHAREit app, you should choose ‘send’ option.
  2. • The files that you would like to share should be selected and you should click on ‘next’. The app will search for the nearby SHAREit device.
  3. • You should open the SHAREit on the other phone or PC. Click on ‘receive’.
  4. • The app will show the nearby device in the sending device. You should tap on the device so that files will be transferred.
  5. • The same steps can be performed for sending files from PC to phone and vice versa.

Why should you use SHAREit app?

SHAREit works very fast and it is faster than any other app available in the market. The phones should be present within the vicinity set by the app. By using the Wi-Fi connection, the files and app will be transferred immediately. As the transfer speed is very high, there will not be any frustrating moments. The app is used by millions of people from around the world and it is highly recommended app on any platform including Android, iOS and Windows.

You can install the app very easily and transfer of files can be accomplished in few seconds. The easy-to-use interface will let you make the most of your time.

SHAREit can be used to send various kinds of files from one phone to another phone. If the file size is very large, it might fail sometimes. However, you are advised to try again so that the issue will be resolved. In addition to files, you can share folders and apps as well. No other app in the market offers the flexibility as offered by SHAREit. Thus, the app has gained great respect in the market.

After sharing the file, the app will lose the connection automatically. You will want to create a new request to send other files. However, when compared with the products offered by competitors, SHAREit works great. Sharing of files is imminent due to various reasons. Sharing large files is no more a difficult task when you have SHAREit.

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