UC Browser Mini

UC Mini - fast & light weight mobile browser

Experience faster mobile browsing with UC Mini for Android. Download UC Mini from below link-

  • Version: 11.0.0
  • Size: 3.4 MB
  • Requires: Android 2.3.2 Or Higher
  • Category: Browsing
  • Updated: December 16, 2017

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What is UC Mini?

UC Mini is the smaller or we can say a Lighter version of UC Browser which is simple and powerful mobile browser developed by Alibaba Group. There will be faster access to data and many user-friendly features are presented with the app. This browsing app is ideal for small, powerful devices. It will give you greater security and privacy features than any other app available in the market. UC Mini browser update at regular intervals so that you will be able to make progress with the latest features.

UC Mini

UC Mini is very small size package and it has navigation cards. The app comes with unique features. It is possible to control videos by using gestures. It has fast browsing capability because it usually compresses the page size to perform a faster page load. With incognito browsing, night mode and smart downloading features, you will be able to make the most of your time by using the app. The app has won many awards including Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award 2013 Market Leadership in Mobile Browser Market.

Features of UC Mini :

The following features you get on UC Mini-

  1. • You can take advantage of fast browsing.
  2. • Videos can be controlled with gestures.
  3. • Smart download manager for faster download.
  4. • Stylish user interface.
  5. • Navigation cards to navigate web pages faster.
  6. • Ability to search for anything by applying voice commands.
  7. • New Incognito mode to keep your browsing hidden.

Homepage of UC Mini can be customized very easily. You will be able to add shortcuts to the URLs visited by you. Several themed sections will be integrated with the app. It is possible to add all kinds of themes and modes to the interface and themes can be extended to the places of visit.

Multiple downloads can be monitored through the download manager. You can manage destination folders very efficiently. Items will be organized into the section automatically. The organization will be done as per the extension, APKs, documents, videos, and music. Even if your smartphone comes under low range, you will be able to install the UC Browser Mini and all its features can be used very efficiently.

While downloading the content, the page’s multimedia will be compressed and delivered in a smaller size than the original. You can choose settings menu to make changes to the app. You can set UC Browser Mini as the default browser so that the browsing efficiency is further enhanced.

Why should you go for UC Mini?

There are several reasons to choose UC Browser Mini mobile browser. First of all, it is very small size package which does not take much space on your device but provides very impressive browsing experience. The browser offers night mode so that you can surf the internet without much light. Your eyes will not be strained and it is possible to browse videos as well in the best possible way.

UC Mini comes with all new features so that there will be enjoyable browsing experience. You can switch from one tab to another tab very quickly. Various functions can be performed by using gestures on the screen. By using voice commands, you can search for anything from internet.

If you are planning to use a new browser to get a different perspective about search options and search content, you are advised to go for UC Mini. The localization policy is a great bonanza for users. It is able to deal with direct competitor Opera Mini by offering innovative and powerful features.

UC Mini works faster than any other mobile browser. The browser is designed with the latest and highly sophisticated caching and preloading system. The transition between pages will be very quick. The default back option will work with the horizontal swipe across the screen.

Benefits of using UC Mini:

The smart downloading facility on UC Mini can be enjoyed as it will support download of multiple files. The cloud downloading with auto reconnection will also help you make the most of your investment. Your privacy is protected through the incognito browsing. If you would like to read comfortably at night time, you can switch over to night mode.

How to download and install UC Mini app

1. Find the download button located in both header and footer section.

2. As soon as you tap download button, UCMini.apk starts downloading on its own.

3. Wait for the download to finish and click on the file downloaded to begin the installation process.

4. It may ask you permissions to allow installation from Unknown Sources, Just turn it on in settings and your installation will resume.

5. It may take few seconds to complete the installation process depending on the device you might be using. Now you can enjoy seamless browsing with UC Mini.

What's New?

- New & friendly User Interface.

- Frequently Crashing of search bar fixed.

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