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  • Requires: Android 4.0 Or Higher
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  • Updated: April 04, 2017

What is UC Browser?

UC Browser is one of the most popular browsing apps that most of us use in our smartphones. It is the go-to browser for a huge percentage of users. It was created by UCWeb and is owned by the famous Alibaba Group of China. It can be used on a variety of platforms like Android, Blackberry, ioS, Java ME, Symbian and Windows Phone.

It has some awesome features, data saving capabilities being one of the foremost that helps you go easy on the wallet and also paves the way for smooth browsing without the interruption of pop-ups and banners. Pop-up advertisements are a great annoyance in mobile browsing which delays your work by a considerable margin. UC Browser puts an end to this and lets you enjoy a hassle free and smooth browsing experience.

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Features of UC Browser:

UcBrowser has outranked the competition with a lot of cool features. We had listed some of them Below:

In-app Widgets: The new version of this browser has a new feature called cards. The in app widgets are known as cards which are displayed on the home screen. You can customize the home screen according to your preference and enable those widgets which you would need.

Cloud-Boost Technology: This technology enables the users to have a much faster loading time. You can enable or disable this function base on your need. This feature is most effective when you are surfing on the Internet while being connected to your mobile data.

Download Manager: You can set the number of downloads at one time and also choose the target folders where you want the file to be saved. Here also you can enable or disable the download update notifications.

Customization: UC Browser boasts of a huge range of themes which enables you to customize your page in accordance to your preference. You can download the themes online. Changing the background and text color is also possible here.

Night Mode: What this feature does is change the whole look of the browser so that you can read it and access it at night. If you like to read at night on your tablet with your lights turned off, then you would surely appreciate this feature.

Quick Access: This feature is a really useful one for every user. It has a continuous search option and provides access to your Facebook News Feed and messages with the help of simple toggles.

Gestures: Gestures make user experience a lot easier. It has a one hand use option beneficial for phones with larger screens and phablets. Swipe right to go forward and left to go backwards.

Why use UC Browser?

The UC Browser has been the most popular browser especially in India and its success can be attributed to a number of factors that has played towards its benefit. Some of the benefits of this browser are stated below:

Saves Data: It has been proved in many portals and by experts that UC Browser has the capabilities of saving almost 80% more data than Chrome and Firefox when we consider loading of at least 1000Mb of data.

Video Grabbing: In India, Cellular data packs are expensive. Most people do not have access to Wi-Fi so they are left with no option but purchase these data packs to enjoy Internet services. Streaming videos via data packs gets tough because of the sluggish speeds that telecom operators come up with. Downloading videos ends up being the only option which is where UC Browser scores high over its’ competitors.

Lite-View: This view is suitable for those phones which are working under 2G speeds. When you are using the Internet in 2G, it consumes a lot more time to load the pages fully. This is where the Lite-view comes into the picture. With the help of this feature, the pages get loaded a lot faster even while using 2G speeds.

Word of mouth Advertising: UC Browser has been popular right from the days smartphones became popular in India. The goodwill that this product has garnered from the market has reaped a lot of benefit for the company with people knowing about the advantages of this product from people around.

Built-in Video Player: The UC Browser HD3.0 has been developed exclusively for big screen mobiles. This version of this popular browser comes with a built-in video player which makes viewing of videos a large-scale and better experience. Because of the “smart” nature of this product, the video player gets activated as soon the web gets access to a video and you can use the gesture control. There is a finger slide which can adjust the volume, brightness and playback progress of the video.

Text-zoom function for intelligent reading: Texts zoom out in big screens like in tablets resulting in them appearing too small. The UC Browser comes with an added feature like automated text magnifier which enhances the text in web pages. It works well especially in news articles. You are saved from the trouble of zooming in continuously to keep reading. This feature protects your eyes and helps you have a better reading experience.

Success Story Of UC Browser

In 2016, UC Browser crossed a whopping 400 million users worldwide, making it the largest mobile browser in Asia and and the second largest mobile browser in the world. It is a leader in this market in Asia. Its success and figures are in tandem with Twitter and Facebook which too have crossed figures of 400 million Monthly Active Users(MAU). It had 30% more PV market share when compared to the likes of Google as estimated in the first quarter of 2016.

It is committed to providing industry based and globally credited Internet mobile services across the world. It vows to be more interactive and offer various innovative features which are only going to increase its goodwill and cause a stir in the market. With research showing that digital media is going to overpower traditional media in the years to come, these steps by such a leading browser like UC is surely going to motivate more users to use the Internet.

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